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2 years ago#1
Out of the three characters switching to Trevor always makes me think "What situation is this nut going to be in" So I figured why not ask the GameFaqs community what situations have you found Trevor in after switching to him. For me it was when I switched to him and the dude was passed out drunk under one of the bridges in his skivvies. Whats yours?
2 years ago#2
Probably a top 5 repeated topic here....

Throwing up, said "remind to never eat Indian.......people".
2 years ago#3
Waking up in a cemetery drunk... with the submarine parked on the side of the road outside the cemetery.

2 years ago#4
Being thrown out of a shop wearing a dress is the best
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2 years ago#5
I like the one with it showing the outside of the strip club with strippers running out screaming, and then he gets thrown out wearing only his underwear and boots.
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2 years ago#6
Standing on the beach in nothing but his underwear staring down at a couple suntanning.
2 years ago#7
I got one where he wakes up on top of a mountain in a dress.
2 years ago#8
He's standing over a bum who gets up and runs away with Trevor yelling out "I don't care if it isn't washed".
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2 years ago#9
Woke up in his underwear, in the beach, surrounded by 5 or 7 dead guys.... "Uh.. Uh! Wasnt me!"....

Chasing a guy in his car yelling something like "I swear! His head just popped by itself man! I had nothing to do with his missing arm either!".... kept following him and killed him just to have him yell "Me killing you doesnt prove you were right about me!" XD

Or going with another guy in a scooter screaming "We are SCCOOOTTERR BROTHERS!".

A lot more.
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2 years ago#10
He was spooning floyd in bed saying "There, there. Shhhhh." As floyd sobbed quietly while wearing bright pink pajamas.

Also getting kicked out of a casino while screaming where it says he has to wear pants while on the main floor.

He is hands down my fave character and I will be sad when this game is over.
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