Grand Theft Auto has become a joke

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3 years ago#1
I've been playing GTA since the top down version of the first game, and I enjoyed 4, but did Rockstar decide they should turn it into their version of the last two Saints' Row? Seriously, every mission, the storyline, every single character, and everything else about it feels like a comic version of how the game should be? I'd much prefer serious characters, rather than a comical version of the characters. Trevor is a lunatic and his relatives and friends are nutjobs, and horrible stereotypes of country people as everyone around Franklin are stereotypes as well. And, every Latino is a gangsta. Even the mercenaries are stereotyped as mindless brutal baby killers, and I could go on and on.

I know the fans of the game will be coming out in force and all, and go ahead, but this game would have been awesome had it the seriousness of Red Dead. Yes, GTA has always had some overthetop humor and craziness involved, but this is a huge swing from GTA4, which was far more serious in nature.

Just a disappointed fan.
3 years ago#2
Ha. <----- Injustice Videos!
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3 years ago#3
I disagree.
3 years ago#4
Captain_Sexy_T posted...
3 years ago#5
Better Call Saul!
3 years ago#6
Isnt GTA a satirical view on the modern world though?
3 years ago#7
Nearly everyone thought GTA 4 was too serious and dark in tone, I like this change... it's hardly Saints Row crazy, but it doesn't take itself as seriously as GTA IV, it's great.
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3 years ago#8
I'll say I do love everything else about the game. The driving is so much fun I could do it endlessly, but the characters and story are absolutely wack. It's not deep, dramatic, it's simply a sad comedy of sick freaks with no depth to their character.
3 years ago#9
Oh my God... That was the dumbest collection of dumbosity I've ever seen! - Famine
3 years ago#10
I can agree a little bit. The gameplay and missions are, without a doubt, the best ones, but the story is just not as good as the stories of the past games.

I still think this is the second best GTA after Vice City.
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