If I didn't like GTA 4, will I like this game?

#1ThePhantomTornPosted 10/8/2013 9:50:33 AM
Should i buy this or Beyond today? I beat GTA 4 but really didn't like it.

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#2ULokiPosted 10/8/2013 9:53:32 AM
Same stuff, but bigger world. If you didn't like GTA 4, you won't like this one. Stay away!
#3LEBRONdotEXEPosted 10/8/2013 10:00:06 AM
ULoki posted...
Same stuff

#4reevil123Posted 10/8/2013 10:02:43 AM
Not true for everyone. I wasn't a fan of 4, played it for a little then quit. Wasn't even close to finishing. 5, on the other hand, was great. I would say either redbox rent it for a day first for two bucks or go to a friends house who has it and try it. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this game over 4.
#5MGRRevengeancePosted 10/8/2013 10:15:13 AM
I didn't like 4 but liked this.
#6areeb319Posted 10/8/2013 10:39:13 AM
I hated IV and couldn't play it for more than 2 hours or so

However I LOVE V, its freaking awesome
#7ThePhantomTorn(Topic Creator)Posted 10/8/2013 10:43:18 AM
Oh yeah - I forgot you can rent games still. All the video stores around me closed. I'm old ha ha.
There is always free cheese in a mousetrap!
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#8blue_infernus27Posted 10/8/2013 10:43:57 AM
I didnt really like 4 all that much, but I looooooooove this one. I'd even say it's just as good, if not better than San Andreas
#9pnm537Posted 10/8/2013 10:48:09 AM
I hated IV but so far I'm enjoying V.
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#10PokeyBananaPosted 10/8/2013 10:53:35 AM
They're both as mediocre as each other.
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