which song is this?

#1invictiusPosted 10/19/2013 9:41:53 AM
CJ should have had a constant 1-star rating, being a black guy in L.A in the 90's.
#2I_Wanna_CookiePosted 10/19/2013 9:48:28 AM
What the hell is that?
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#3STBadlyPosted 10/19/2013 10:48:50 AM
That is the worst recording in **adjusts tie** recorded history.

Seriously though, there are two things you can do to find out what a song is:

1. HOLD the d-pad to the left, don't let go and the full radio station menu will come up. The radio station you are currently listening to will be highlighted and it will say what song/artist is currently playing.

2. If you have a smart phone DL the "Shazam" app. That is what it is for.
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