How To: Install iFruit for Android "Incompatible" Devices

#1Ocelot4444Posted 10/28/2013 5:36:39 PM
I made this little tutorial over at gtaforums. But Since not everyone goes there. I'll put it here as well.

NOTE: If the app runs slow, that's due to the device itself.

Download all necessary files.

APK Files:

Scan Results:

Scan Results:

obb Files:


Before you start, you may want to uninstall any previous attempts of installing this app. So Delete the app if you have it installed just to be sure.

This step is optional, but if you can't connect your phone via USB you can download the App AirDroid (which is free and awesome). What this app does, is allow you to connect via a wireless connection to a remote server allowing you to do the same things you could do if the device was connected via USB plus more.

Step 1: Once you have ALL the files necessary downloaded, it's time to connect your phone to your computer via USB or AirDroid. I'll be using AirDroid for this.

Step 2: Launch AirDroid by clicking this and either make an account or use an existing one (this is required for the service to connect)

Step 3: Navigate to the Apps folder as seen in this image.

Step 4: From there you want to install the APK file(s) you downloaded. To do that you will see a blue button on the top right corner of the newly opened window (Apps). Click Install and it will open a new window where you will locate the APK file.

Step 5: Open the file and you should see an install progress bar. Wait for it to finish and it will notify you to validate the install by going to your phone. From here you you will probably see two ways to verify the install. A Google option or the default one (I went and chose the default one)

Step 6: Now with that app installed, you can go back and move the last files you've downloaded to their respective folder.

Step 7: Navigate to your root storage on your phone (usually called sdcard/sdcard0) from there navigate to the "android" folder. This is where you'll see two folders if not one. One called "data" and another one called "obb". If you do not see an "obb" folder simply make one, all lowercase.

Step 8: Move the folder "com.rockstargames.gtavmanual" and "com.rockstargames.ifruit" assuming you want both the iFruit and Manual working to the newly created "obb" folder. Once those files have been moved. You may now close AirDroid or remove your connected phone. Run the app and it should now be working.

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