Phone call received by Trevor

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User Info: nurnberg

3 years ago#1
Trevor randomly received a call from the biker gang telling him they are going to kill him. The guy said something along the lines : "Meet me at the Vespucci beach". I went there but found nothing. Did I miss something?
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User Info: STG Deathbot

STG Deathbot
3 years ago#2
Perhaps they meant at their hangout north of the beach? I always find Lost bikers along the western side of the map.
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User Info: more_cow_bell

3 years ago#3
i'm going to guess that was the O'Neil brothers, and Trevor telling them to come to Vespucci beach.
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User Info: vivalatour

3 years ago#4
wasn't that one of the change over to trevor where he's waking from one of his "blackouts" and bodies biker bodies lying all around him ? I think there was a boat for him to get on too..

User Info: SuperSaiyanGoku

3 years ago#5
Just a random call. You'll get the actual mission later
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