Lindsay Lohan Sued Rockstart Worldwide Studios over Grand Theft Auto 5 Minor Cha

#1Ada-Wong-FanPosted 7/2/2014 2:20:58 PM

Everyone has more reasons hate Lindsay Lohan
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#2Craig_GoulartPosted 7/2/2014 2:33:09 PM(edited)
Lindsay Lohan can suck it for all I care! >_>

Whats stupid is that its a random event that may not even occur for some people. I myself have yet to see that event and I put a lot of time in single player mode.
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#3Neptunethe23rdPosted 7/2/2014 3:00:30 PM
Good for her. I hope she wins her case.
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#4GiappasBenzPosted 7/2/2014 3:20:53 PM
Lacey Jonas? I should've taken her to the Altruist Cult, shame on me.
#5MegamanXfan21xxPosted 7/2/2014 5:00:39 PM
Well, they DID use her likeness.
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#6HGPennypackerPosted 7/2/2014 7:51:00 PM
XD, totally ridiculous but Rockstar deserves it for not having heists.
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#7nnuldaPosted 7/3/2014 12:50:11 AM
I did take her to the cult, I had no idea about all this at the time.
Makes that trip all the more worthwhile, ]