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Can you still Jump out of the way from a speeding car? (Archived)TheHeroOfTime29/19 12:58AM
Anybody having problems with long load times? (Archived)LittleYami79/16 5:19PM
How do I check how many hours I've played for? (Archived)obliv_nic69/14 7:15PM
Ps3 Disk install (Archived)TheHeroOfTime29/5 9:36PM
Freezing after 10 minutes (Archived)SirGregrei7588/26 12:41PM
If you mod franklins buffalo will it respawn with mods still? (Archived)g98048/23 6:18PM
I finally found out what green juice does! (Archived)vampiro0328/23 2:47AM
f*** all flying missions in this game (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Bashar240398/20 10:31AM
What did I just find? *Spoilers* (Archived)Joseph09147248/19 8:13PM
stuck on last 2 stunt jumps (Archived)davroslek28/19 7:31AM
Blah... (Archived)Dave420238/17 7:25PM
I just shot an Alien!!!! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Adnan22118/17 11:08AM
Haven't played in a good while, Question. (Archived)Scottsmith12828/16 5:25PM
can you use game save from online? (Archived)shinchikudo48/12 5:24PM
Game freeze at 90% PLEASE HELP! (Archived)lele31107658/12 9:22AM
Meltdown, he didn't get the memo (Archived)Quinciano28/10 11:56AM
for shooting stat, how many headshots/hits to go up 1%? (Archived)Lockeadon68/4 12:48AM
Rockstar Should Add The Vehicles From Online To Single player (Archived)Joseph09147288/2 8:00AM
grand theft autobot! (Archived)Lockeadon18/2 12:56AM
Would you like GTA to have more hand-to-hand combat? (Archived)NikingZ107/31 10:42PM
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