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Having Strangers and Freaks Problems.Da_ciege24310/16/2013
So when you go on big murderous rampages or crazy chases..BuffyCanSlayit910/16/2013
Has anyone ever made it down Mt Chilliad with a bike?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Any general tips for finding the scraps and UFO parts?u_mad910/16/2013
Possible Missing Parachute Jump is NOT a glitch (likely spoilers)ash274210/16/2013
does anyone wear the los santos hat from the CE edition of the game?Retroxgamer0610/16/2013
Does Michael have a booty call person?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
My fully upgraded Carbonizzare slides everywhere.DragonXgbft610/16/2013
Are there actually any police stations that you can go inside and cause trouble?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
iRobotic user1910/16/2013
What are some of the easier story/stranger and freaks mission to gold medal...Jerebear25801310/16/2013
question about pickups for heist mission...Leonman01710/16/2013
How tough is the moneybag included in the collector's edition of the game?Retroxgamer0310/16/2013
Blood Money , where is the cut at the end ?vivalatour110/16/2013
the best thing ever just happenedsonicbn410/16/2013
No missions showing up...Help me already...(Spoilers to be sure).harcoreblazer1010/16/2013
How do I autosave in a different slot?GNS1310210/16/2013
Multiple vehiclecrash140210/16/2013
wtf Weed storefront made me chase down a stolen vanKaZooo810/16/2013
5 yr waitmrplow79710/16/2013
Is Sandy Shores the Salton Sea?donhibbardo710/16/2013
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