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Strangest thing that has happened to you in SP? (Archived)
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Q's about AWD/4-wheel-drive cars, Chops HP, storing a tank, and finding a Sultan (Archived)Elemenope410/15/2013
Ground and pound attack (Archived)TheSuperGameGod110/15/2013
Question about the Vanilla Unicorn strip club. (Archived)spartain117310/15/2013
Deluminol medicine (Archived)burzu410/15/2013
Discount at Aummunation (Archived)Cobra1010210/15/2013
It has been more than a month, when do we get the Ifruit app? (Archived)Viking_Mudcrap310/15/2013
Game freeze- Character stands up inside car while being serviced from prostitute (Archived)Stroker310/15/2013
Social Club and starting a new game (Archived)cobra187510/15/2013
Do you always pick the best people when doing a heist? (Archived)DwightFreeney93410/15/2013
Bought clothes not in inventory. Glitch? (Archived)Nuck-chorris410/15/2013
Operational Vehicles List (Archived)Samuelc79210/15/2013
For some reason im getting a 1 star wanted lvl everytime mike takes a cab? (Archived)burdi1ar510/15/2013
Were the previous voice actors as cool and interactive with the media? (Archived)
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Does the single player seem kinda short... (Archived)BuffyCanSlayit710/15/2013
Did...did that just happen? (Archived)
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scary ghost man1710/15/2013
Help me... I'm bored of this game! (Archived)spikerules2810/15/2013
Favorite Radio Stations? (Archived)
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So Tracey's age... (Possible spoilers) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Need help understanding Josh's final mission? *spoilers* (Archived)fallenKlNG210/15/2013
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