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patch 1.03 notes (Archived)
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Trevor's VA and IGN (videos) (Archived)seoulspirit410/11/2013
I can't start Trevor's missions at the strip club. (Archived)Swollen_Goat910/11/2013
Which choice you picked in the final mission on your 1st playthrough? (Poll)skp_16310/11/2013
Was "Regulate" removed from the game? (Archived)
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Posting to Facebook on settings (Archived)arclouks_x410/11/2013
Saving planes in the hangars... (Archived)monkyby87610/11/2013
What's the most creative thing you've done with the jerry can? (Archived)
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Franklin and Michael's flying stats not going up. (Archived)kongsifu810/11/2013
WTF? Game won't play full screen. Any fix for this? (Archived)MrDrMan310/11/2013
So for the hitchhiker who asks you to take her to the top of vinewood hills (Archived)MCAlCaPwn310/11/2013
Cooldown with selling vechiles (Archived)Will446210/11/2013
After 78 hours 36 minutes and 11 seconds. . (Archived)STO-109910/11/2013
You know what I really miss from the old GTA games? (Archived)
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how do you unlock more street races? (Archived)Cobra1010710/11/2013
No more underwater $ respawning??? (Archived)trentnizzle610/11/2013
Easy and safe trick to transfer cars between characters. (Archived)ck1710/11/2013
Question about the first heist *spoilers* (Archived)MCAlCaPwn810/11/2013
Whats the best approach for each of the heist's?<SPOILERS> (Archived)Sephiroth311610/11/2013
Who should i be investing in right meow? (Archived)burdi1ar710/11/2013