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How much of the story is left? SPOILERS (Archived)jon davis510/13/2013
I killed a reptilian alien. (Archived)TheSuperGameGod710/13/2013
How do you get the money from the stock market? (Archived)Engineer-sama310/13/2013
Trevor KILLED me! (Archived)
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Has anyone else been losing vehicles on quick-save? (Archived)banzaiheil710/13/2013
Woohoo, 100% (Archived)FF_Fiend110/13/2013
I can't even find the first maude target. (Archived)fissionprimer610/13/2013
Any kind of ramp car in the game? (Archived)Lighter_Thief110/13/2013
Poll - do you use a map? (Poll)
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Anybody else annoyed by small things like this? Spoilers aplenty. (Archived)masamako610/13/2013
Jimmy De Santa might be R*'s best piece of social commentary. (Archived)J1MM3L410/13/2013
not enough to do (Archived)mrplow79810/13/2013
Is quick saving as reliable as saving in a safehouse? (Archived)freedree710/13/2013
Which stock markets are offline/online? (Archived)J1MM3L410/13/2013
Does GTA Online contain any Singleplayer spoilers? (Archived)Doc_ErJ310/13/2013
Accepting the truth strangers and freaks mission not showing up(minor spoilers) (Archived)sunchipsboi210/13/2013
No Cheval Surge location? (Archived)KaZooo110/13/2013
Scrapyard property (Archived)TheSuperGameGod310/13/2013
Oh crap, I killed Jesus! (Archived)McGriff67510/13/2013
anyone else agree the online is way inferior to the single player? (Archived)
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