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Whats the point of the odd jobs for your properties? (Archived)Lunitik5634/7/2014
Full completion (Archived)roaddogg0231634/7/2014
So anyone get to the point they start obeying traffic laws? (Archived)KaZooo84/7/2014
A look back at Michael's life (Archived)MegamanXfan21xx24/7/2014
motorcycle in Franks garage (Archived)bojangles496034/6/2014
Something that makes no sense in the story (spoilers) (Archived)SmallSatsuma54/6/2014
Hate to bring it up again SP DLC ? (Archived)vivalatour44/6/2014
Anyone else think Lazlow is pathetic in this game? (Archived)
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Police helicopters are WAY too overpowered. (Archived)
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Before I bother starting this again, did single player ever get patched? (Archived)
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Annoying gangsters at Grove Street (Archived)SmallSatsuma44/6/2014
Cant Call Pegasus (Archived)MYSoulDark14/6/2014
Molotov Cocktails respawning (Archived)TheSuperGameGod44/6/2014
How many non story trophies can you get from the getgo? (Archived)-geno3883-44/5/2014
SP Glitches - Property and Random Events Still Not Spawning (Archived)dabomb79044/5/2014
Can you buy this suit or was it never put in the game? (Archived)Grifkilla5154/5/2014
Michael and hidden packages (Archived)andretfernandes54/5/2014
Why did Rockstar stop using well known actors? (Archived)
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Cracking open the back of a titan? (Archived)Sniper_Extreme54/5/2014
will gta 5 dlc revive this game? (Poll)
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