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Is there a way to transfer money between characters? (Archived)Ravid18244/16 5:30PM
Flickering and graphics artifacts (Archived)DarkCm24/16 11:03AM
Need crew for Trash Truck setup (Archived)krapsik24/15 9:15PM
With regards to the free Steam money... (Archived)MSTie2K84/11 6:43AM
Just started. Am I missing out if I don't do the Rockstar Social Club thing? (Archived)LOOOPS54/10 2:02PM
Anyone want to take turns winning races to unlock car mods? (Archived)Michaeljames9914/8 7:02PM
Boating. Push left stick down or up to go faster? (Archived)Domon_X44/8 5:56PM
armored cars (Archived)43fan44/8 5:31PM
Need GTA Online Heists (Archived)Tahahagar-201434/8 10:53AM
Online mode: What is good and bad about it? (Archived)ChaoticFairness34/8 5:34AM
hooker cut-scene after patch 1.23 (Archived)goodguy600094/7 7:54PM
When do you Unlock the Stun Gun (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
KJH278134/6 8:25PM
How well does GTA 5 work on the PS3? (Archived)deathslice24674/5 10:14PM
Trevor Philips vs. Shaw (Archived)Fantastic0114/5 9:46PM
using jimmy's pipe after patch 1.23 (Archived)goodguy600014/4 1:30PM
Need players! (Archived)Darkcypher-XII34/3 8:34PM
Tommy Vercetti lovers (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
mojavehotwax394/3 9:32AM
[Slight spoiler] Taliana not appearing? (Archived)Dweepizzle54/2 3:27PM
Making money with scrapyard, how do I? (Archived)Domon_X104/2 3:06PM
I'm more interested in story DLC than online.... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
luminion187133/30 1:11PM
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