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Random appearance change? (Archived)sdfiqdha83/18 3:42AM
Do certain clothing give more defense? (Archived)Zubatgg23/17 11:23PM
GTA 5 Disc Not Working PS3 (Archived)ChaS783/17 3:24PM
Damn glitches! (Archived)jackcerberus13/17 12:13PM
2016 Ford GT (Archived)triedge9433/17 3:16AM
How do place Sticky bombs on cars (Archived)KJH27833/16 10:41PM
People are jumping slightly higher than me (Archived)Zubatgg23/16 7:05PM
GTA 5 Online should have more real situations for users (Archived)cflisthebest23/16 7:03PM
need help on heist setups!! ps3 (Archived)heiitrooper13/16 2:20PM
Looking to join the last heist. Will take 5% cut (Archived)desperado70753/16 4:17AM
What is heck is wrong with Rockstar? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
happychappy654143/15 9:39PM
Help with prison break heists (Archived)exilestar13/15 2:13PM
Has this happened to anyone before? (Archived)Critcal5013/15 9:18AM
disabled cheats? (Archived)drakedrakonis33/14 6:42PM
Hydra and other Heist Update-related vehicles NOT coming to SP mode. (Archived)T-870083/14 10:08AM
Another update? O_O (Archived)Craig_Goulart73/14 10:06AM
I can't believe I have to download a 5 gig update when I don't even play online (Archived)indica103/14 1:58AM
Fix the damn phone glitch in single player R* (Archived)solidraidens13/13 6:46PM
Why are there no woman protagonist in GTA? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
strifechug2513/13 1:37AM
Huh, i've noticed something good in all the junk that was the Heists patch. (Archived)T-870013/12 4:56PM
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