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Can you commit arson in Los Santos? (Archived)Fisrueos32/17 5:43AM
find out about your elf on the mountain? (Archived)coys7722/17 5:31AM
I just want some story DLC to see Lamar again. (Archived)justaseabass92/13 9:36PM
Game installing....stuck? (Archived)brigette46442/13 5:18PM
What would happen if you did "smoke a real bowl"? (Archived)Trippy_Hippie42/13 7:48AM
(SPOILERS) Which Mission Do You Like the Most? (Single Player - Only) (Poll)Joseph09147212/11 7:53PM
GTA san andreas HD remaster PS3 (Archived)spacedelete82/11 7:53PM
GTA6 in Vice City... (Archived)bigb472/10 2:20PM
F***ing stupid Epsilon robes. (Archived)SmallSatsuma32/10 2:12PM
Awesome news for Rockstar Social Club Members! (Not really important though) (Archived)Joseph09147212/10 1:49PM
The censorship in the JP version is hilarious!! (Archived)Dan_Dan_91_07102/9 6:32PM
I was really bored with this game until Trevor... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ]
indica642/8 11:54PM
Question about Simeon. (Spoiler) (Archived)AzureVergil22/8 1:36PM
did they ever add the extra next-gen content? (Archived)Jaxson_DeVille42/8 1:18PM
Where is the Shotgun Flashlight Mod?! (Archived)RUBRDUXDAV22/7 4:44PM
Can you completely fail heist missions? (Archived)Coryo6182762/7 6:25AM
Things that would have made the game more fun - for me anyway. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
coys77132/6 9:04PM
Akula class Russian submarine (Archived)WightKnigjht62/6 3:47PM
the next gta game (Archived)firyfaizal82/6 6:55AM
Im looking for an active clean racing crew for ps3 (Archived)AyakShaa12/4 10:57PM
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