Game Informer Leak Topic was fake.

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4 years ago#11
Sorry, but the "someone hacked my account just to make up troll posts" is just so dumb my only response can be "cool story brah! you should get that published!"
4 years ago#12
lol liar
4 years ago#13
I love it when people use the "my account was hacked" defence!

Why don't people just come clean anymore and admit what they did?
4 years ago#14
Cuz he has no balls
4 years ago#15
I'm not sure what to believe. It seems believable.

"WE ARE THE SONS OF TROY WE WILL NEVER KNEEL, Orlando what the **** man".
4 years ago#16
I'll say I didn't know it had reached all the sites it did until after I saw all the posts. If I had actually created the post, I'd in all honesty find it kind of funny that a lot of sites tried to cite it as fact. I however don't find it amusing, because as a member of this forum for almost a decade I have to defend myself because someone got into my account. I'll still continue to be a part of Gamefaqs because I love the community, and if people feel the need to call me a troll then so be it, I'd rather take some heat from the people that don't believe me than leave this community.
4 years ago#17
You should take this one, its a pretty cool troll. I would claim it even if i hadnt really done it....
4 years ago#18
CADE FOSTER posted...
lol liar

AP15 stands for Always p**** lmao
New York Jets 3-5
New York Knicks 3-0
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