IGN's "new" GTA info will just be a recap of GI's news

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IGN already posted GI's info in a neat two paragraphs instead of 18 pages of mostly filler like GI. Also they said there will be info all week long as well as the trailer which is supposed to premiere on IGN. I don't think that counts as recap.
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IiXxCodMw3xXiI posted...

I know I am being counter productive here by posting in this thread and basically bumping it, but why the heck would you bother to bump this thread?
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i only skimmed through the ign article but i think so far this topic is correct lol
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Erm come on,you think IGN is that stupid?that would just make it worse,its new info guys

Apparently they are.
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TC was spot-on.
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The P in TC's username stands for Psychic.
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Bump for truth.