I feel slightly disappointed. Mehh, idk.

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As for the other person, at what point did you see driving g that wasn't gameplay? You don't know if that was gameplay or not. My opinion, based on them saying cars will be lore tightly controlled, and after seeing another trailer is that they look and feel more arcady.

-the entire trailer is obviously made up of cutscenes
-must have never played a GTA game, gameplay tends to have the camera fixed behind a person or car.

Rockstar unlocks the camera to create cinematic camera angles for trailers & screenshots.

Seriously, all of their trailers have done this. Yes some clips are cinematic, but some are also game-play.

I was about to say this.

He must not follow many games. Trailers often times use in-game scenes while utilizing an unlocked camera.
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I think the trailer was awesome. Everything looks nice and colorful, and chop is in it!
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