Trailer #2 has now been revealed. Your thoughts?

#1joshuadjPosted 11/14/2012 9:03:50 AM
bigdaddydmac- I'm done buying Capcom games when they first come out, I'll just wait 3 years for the "COMPLETED" game instead of buying a $60 demo.
#2cartelwarlordPosted 11/14/2012 9:04:47 AM
My thoughts? I can't get the damn thing to load.
#3HoosierGuy88Posted 11/14/2012 9:04:57 AM
Destructible trains!!!!
#4snesmaster40Posted 11/14/2012 9:05:27 AM
cartelwarlord posted...
My thoughts? I can't get the damn thing to load.

Are we not men?
#5Smakface13Posted 11/14/2012 9:05:29 AM

Truck driving out of a plane + parachuting... two trains colliding.. oh good lord.
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#6TheCongoPosted 11/14/2012 9:05:38 AM
Everything looks great, I am just not sure on the characters. They seem kind of, plain? Boring? I don't know. Apart from Trevor, he looks awesome! But Michael and Franklin seem kind of... meh.

Just first thoughts! I think they could be a really fun trio though.
#7thedeparted94Posted 11/14/2012 9:06:44 AM

that might be the most epic thing i've ever witnessed
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#8trenkenPosted 11/14/2012 9:08:35 AM
Worst GTA trailer I ever saw. Lame music, no style, looks like a genric California, and 3 character I have no interest in.

Miss the days of Vice City.
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#9shadyelfPosted 11/14/2012 9:08:47 AM
Overall really good. Missions seem much more exciting, the three protags could have pretty funny interactions and don't feel one dimensional like Tommy (still don't get why everyone fawns over him, he's got the personality of cardboard).
#10Perfect LightPosted 11/14/2012 9:10:17 AM
Looks awesome, can't wait.
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