Trailer #2 has now been revealed. Your thoughts?

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My thoughts?

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wwervin posted...
Mentalpatient87 posted...
Who knows.. I'm just so tired of all the negativity. Gotta find some other thing to occupy my idle time at work/home. I don't know how much more childish bickering I can take from the internet..

Funny, I've seen you post negative stuff too. Not trying to pick a fight here or anything but I think the majority of people here rely on random negativity to pass the time I guess. I'm kinda tired of it too.

Yeah, I have to admit I've been drawn in to some of this mess despite better judgment. I'm working to remedy that, starting with letting Poncho go ahead and think whatever he wants..
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The trailer was fantastic, Rockstar hasn't disappointed me yet and this game looks to be one of the greatest of all time!
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i still feel that vice city will remain the only gta that i like. but ill give it a shot like i did the others.
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The feel of trailer was just awesome, the music, the scenery, everything. Now if we could just hear about a PC version.
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Holy ****. Park benches confirmed!
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Thought it looked great, can't wait for Spring 2013 now!
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If there's one thing I like about this Trailer is that it tells me this GTA will now have Dogs. I expect to see K-9 Cops, are you ready to get 4 Stars to bring them out for you? I also expect to see Dog Fights, this is GTA were talking about hear and I want to who one of those Pitbulls assuming if they are in the game. My only disappointment in this trailer they did not show any FemCops.
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sonic_rockz posted...
The feel of trailer was just awesome, the music, the scenery, everything. Now if we could just hear about a PC version.

This. So much of this.
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trenken posted...
Lock0n_ScOpeZ posted...
Franklin sounds kinda like Mike epps.

Yeah, it isnt though. They already said they didnt hire any known actors for this game, which is unusual but I guess its unknown voice actors. GTA tradition broken.

They only said that for the protagonists. They didn't rule them out completely.