Will the modders be ignored on this game too?

#1superhPosted 11/19/2012 4:53:07 PM
They ruined GTA IV. Right now you cannot find a game without modders.

Even a year or so ago they were everywhere. I've never seen this problem even acknowledged by any officials.

Do you think Rockstar are going to ignore modders on here too? are their hands tied? is it microsofts problem? If so, i think it's hopeless.
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#2mentallyfunny00Posted 11/19/2012 7:57:00 PM
I think its going to be like max payne 3. If you mod you play with other modders. I think this was confirmed.
#3demonicvirusPosted 11/19/2012 8:23:24 PM
not really bad in gta 4. at least without gay tony
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#4zack12369Posted 11/19/2012 10:45:16 PM
I saw a video somewhere on the tube that said they would punish modders and hackers( just like treyarch is doing, am i right?)
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