Snow capped mountains?

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User Info: cartelwarlord

4 years ago#1
C'mon, you know it makes sense. Snowmobiles would be dope.

User Info: hulkhogan1

4 years ago#2
It's certainly possible. Areas of Southern California such as San Bernardino and Big Bear are definitely near snow capped mountains.

User Info: Dr_Mojo

4 years ago#3
The mountains immediately north and east of LA do get snow several times a year, so it's possible.

User Info: mentallyfunny00

4 years ago#4
even if they were how much room would there be for snowmobiles?

User Info: ninjaman148

4 years ago#5
Most of the map is centering around LA and the surrounding country and desert. I wouldn't be expecting Alaska or something like that.
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User Info: creep50

4 years ago#6
this is why gta:north pole would be a good idea
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  3. Snow capped mountains?

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