what are some good movies with a GTA vibe to it...

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Scarface - It's influence is eveywhere throughout the GTA series.
Boyz in the Hood - If you liked San Andreas

its influenced in vice city..thats it...gta 3 has of the soundtrack

bud aside from that i would say crank like someone else did,,,,and maybe american psycho

Stop being pedantic. It influenced 2 thirds of an era. What American Psycho has to do with GTA I have no idea.

Really? It's like the radio since 3 has been written by Patrick Bateman. The whole awareness that Western society is arbitrary, shallow and materialistic, but we should go along with it because it's THE thing to do is very American Psycho-esque.
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Goodfellas. The Long Good Friday. Taxi (preferably the French original but the remake wasn't horrible, just very cheesy. The Italian Job. Heat. Ronin. Scarface. Gone in 60 Seconds.

The other ones I can think of have either been mentioned or they're probably too obscure to bother with.

Additions: Lucky Number Slevin. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (Pretty much any Guy Ritchie film to be honest.) Pulp Fiction. Reservoir Dogs.
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