Rockstar North: Allow players to own property in GTA V

#21LordPonchoPosted 11/21/2012 11:00:22 PM
hulkhogan1 posted...
Wow, how about we wait until we find out more or actually play the game ourselves before we complain? All they said was "money isn't used to buy property". That doesn't mean each character won't have their own house. All it means is money is used on more important things. Since when did people get so close minded that they can complain about something that we basically know nothing about?

Am I reading this correctly? A hulkhogan1 post that isn't full of crap predictions based on nothing.

Mind = blown.
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#22NavexPosted 11/21/2012 11:19:26 PM
I liked buyable properties just to have plenty of places to save. It kinda sucked they killed that with IV but with taxi rides it's not so much an issue anymore. Still, in at least TLAD and BOGT - the expansions, it sucked ass you only had 1-2 safehouses and they were all in the same city. If they pull crap like that then yes there's needs to be property or at least some way to quick save or else have plenty of places to save.
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So, how's that petition coming?
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wow this is stupid LOL
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