We all respect SA more than 4

#11goldwPosted 11/22/2012 7:35:17 AM
SA also had a lot of empty, bland spots, an awful desert, massive pop-in, and three terribly bland cities.
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Quantity vs Quality: The Game
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professor_choas posted...
creep50 posted...
goldw posted...
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it also lacked a good map LC was horrible....everything was just so flat and boring

Compared to SA, nothing is a bad map.

I like SA, but I would be lying if I told you that I would play that over IV.

right san andreas had the best map in the series by far....the,variety,size...just everything was just perfect..there was ALOT to see in san andreas

gta 4 had alot of tall buldings and a streets.....not much else

Not only are you comparing a low res PS2 game to an HD PS3 game, you're also comparing LA, SF, LV, and a country side to New York. Of course there's nothing but skyscrapers and streets in NYC.

ahh i see you think it is all about graphics...wow

and i know how new york is...dosnt mean its a good map...even gta 3s LC wasnt this flat
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GTA IV is Rockstar's first HD GTA, so I can see why GTA IV is rather tedious. Then again, the game's still fun and awesome
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#15creep50Posted 11/22/2012 7:44:03 AM
goldw posted...
SA also had a lot of empty, bland spots, an awful desert, massive pop-in, and three terribly bland cities.

not really....there was ALWAYS something close to you in san andreas..a car or street ....something

the citys in san andreas also felt different from each other giving the game even more variety
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No I don't think its all about graphics. I'm saying you can fit more into a lower resolution game than you can into one that's HD. It makes sense that they can include a huge map with 3 cities, a country side, and several small towns. If they would have tried the same with 4, there probably wouldn't have been nearly enough space on disc. And if you know how New York is, why are you complaining? That's all there is in NYC and the surrounding boroughs. Tall buildings and streets. I don't really know what kind of elevation you're expecting from a map based on NYC.
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#17ninjaman148Posted 11/22/2012 9:20:51 AM
I like both games, but I'd choose SA. Just riding on a desert highway on a chopper, mmm
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Of course OP, GTA4 wasnt even good.
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I've lived in both San Francisco and New York, and I can say San Andreas felt better.

Liberty City got Manhattan pretty accurate, but Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx... Not even close. How do you have a Bronx without the Bronx Zoo? I'll never know.

Niko was a flat and bland character, relegated to an errand boy. CJ had motives, lots of them, whether it was revenge, family, or the truth.

Not to mention... Flying jets will always be better than not flying anything. What's the point of an airport if you can't do anything there?
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I liked how you could level up weapons in SA, increasing accuracy and being able to dual wield.
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