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Should there be a GTA IV mode for online? (map pickups, no police)superh82/27 7:05PM
in GTA V on PS4, using someone else's cars while the owner is offlineKaidenN732/24 2:24AM
Haven't played since before Yachts came out. Can someone bring me up to speed?CheapGamer32/21 12:29AM
What Ever Happened To The Fire Works Rocket Launcher?heavyarmsjim3752/14 11:10PM
Questions About New V InstallTheFitnessGuru32/13 3:17AM
Mentor needed GTA online xbox1VictoriaMirren22/11 2:35PM
Finally bought my copy of GTA V [spoliers]
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
SheckyG262/9 6:09PM
after all the hype after all this time...
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
RaphaelBelmont282/9 6:04PM
GTA V Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One. (Not talking about graphics).speedruntrainer32/9 6:03PM
Things that should be in GTA 6Earth_Alchemist82/9 1:11PM
Children of the mountain!Casylia22/8 5:03AM
GTA skeptic....but game seems like it may be worth itWolfie8082/7 3:31AM
(PS4) Legacy of Eden 21+ New Crew. Heists, playlists, races, missions.Tiki_Wakka12/3 2:29AM
How do u progress story without doing Lester missions?Ray867442/1 3:44AM
Are their any missing pick-ups other then some of the letters?JacobMonroe51/31 10:26PM
Need Gold Membership EVEN FOR LEADER-BOARDS?!TheGameOfLife31/31 2:07PM
Mr. Phillips mission 17 spoilers maybeBlaqkard81/30 5:28PM
Quiting out of a gameWolfie8061/30 9:37AM
Things GTA needs to fix before another Release goes GOTY
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
apathid211/26 5:01PM
Why Can't I Find a Pegssi Infernus?heavyarmsjim3791/25 9:44PM
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