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Is there a good quick way to get Michael's special ability to 100%?
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ggj1987137/19 7:01PM
Beta not budging after the first assassinationVICTORBRAVO47/19 11:11AM
GTA w/ Sims type of freedom & customization = addiction
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So with the 'unmarked' achievement, does armor not matter?Killeryoshi827/17 11:08PM
5 simple things that could've make this game more enjoyable
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wonderingalien317/17 2:33PM
XboxLive Friends n GTAV online, BlackOps2 Friends Wanted. :)MarcusAngel27/17 2:13PM
BAWSAQ is down.xChaos00147/17 12:15PM
If (when) R* makes a new Vice City game, do you want it in the 80s or Modern day (Poll)
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Keyblade9000517/17 9:32AM
(Story mode) If you don't put a car you own back into the garage, it disappears?Walkman_00547/16 10:46PM
Anyone know how to get property missions or security trucks to spawn again?burdi1ar97/16 10:23AM
I told you this would be available on next gen consoles.
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Coontemptus417/16 6:09AM
GTA 5 - How To FLY GlitchHenryWuuGaming47/15 7:17PM
Missing several missions, may have screwed up 100% - HELP! (Archived)ANintendoKid47/15 2:09PM
Just bought game - Freezing on R* Loadup page ... (Archived)Nazomi47/15 11:28AM
terrorising Michael's family (Archived)
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caveman0887137/15 10:38AM
Did the 'going over $2.1 billion' glitch ever get fixed? (Archived)
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EgoKiller801127/15 7:16AM
I hope they add new races as part of DLC or something (Archived)Tyler_NinjaCat57/15 4:43AM
we need to get in the top 5 message boards (Archived)
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plessykiller201157/14 6:44PM
Any reason not to patch? (Archived)mu69527/14 1:59PM