I'm not getting this game if I don't have an HD TV by launch.

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Cr0ssFire_BlitZ posted...
The worst part is that there will be a new generation of televisions coming soon with prices out the wazoo. I forget the name but it's supposed to be better than 1080p and the price range is going to be from 5,000 to the high of 25,000.

And bet two years after they launch you'll be able to get the high end one for a grand!!!

Lol surprisingly Ign is doing a story on these tv's today Thier called 4K Ultra HD here's a link http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/01/09/ces-is-the-world-ready-for-4k-ultra-hd
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Got myself a widescreen TV. Crisis averted?
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