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User Info: FutureShockUK

4 years ago#11
W00FWOOF1234 posted...
"Great, now we're going to get blamed for this" - Perform a mass shooting in a public area
"Welcome back" - Complete the first mission

I'm going to hell for laughing at the first one!
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User Info: holden4ever

4 years ago#12
LA Woman - pick up a hooker
Free Fallin' - open chute within 100ft of the ground
Girls, Girls, Girls - visit a strip club
Life In The Fast Lane - drive the fastest car at top speed for 30 seconds
Low Rider - customise a car
Welcome To The Jungle - complete first mission
Dr Feelgood - buy drugs from a dealer - 2012 NRL Season: Minor Premiers. Grand Final runners-up. Bring on 2013.

User Info: R0ttedHorror

4 years ago#13
Roll over in your grave Marston - using an FIB Buffalo, run over and kill someone in the country.

Zero Dark Flirty - play Ultimate Disk in the Dark

Safe Sax - kill 10 saxophone street musicians

Proactive Listener - using ZiT!, find the name of five songs on every music radio station.

Not from the motor pool - spend more than $20,000 on modifications to a police cruiser.
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User Info: toliveira

4 years ago#14
Fly under all the bridges..

User Info: CoronelLink

4 years ago#15
"Chevy Riding High" - Install hydraulics on a car.
"Hi-yo Silver... " - Wheelie on a motorbike for 500 yards.
"... Away" - Hit top speed on the fastest motorbike.
"Someone Done Scuffed My Vehicle" - Spend a cumulative $10,000 in Pay 'n' Sprays.
"Welcome To Hazzard" - Find and do one unique stunt jump
"The Duke Of Hazzard" - Find and do all the unique stunt jumps.
"White Lightning" - Do 10 moonshine delivery diversions. (:p)
"Thunder Road" - Do 10 moonshine delivery diversions in a classic car. (:p)
"I Know A Place You Haven't Been... " - Drive 1000 cumulative miles.
"... I've Been Everywhere" - Drive 5000 cumulative miles.
"Thru The Missions" - Drive 600 cumulative miles on one car.
"Get Your Kicks" - Drive 2,448 cumulative miles on one car.
"So You Think You're All That?" - Finish the game.

Cookie for whoever gets a reference.
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User Info: paint87

4 years ago#16
f*** achievements : for not trying to get special achievements
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