Why, as a Vegan, I will not be buying this title

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cortana64 posted...
Name 1 pro athlete who is vegan. Or Gold metal winner.

Mac Danzig, UFC fighter.... vegan since 1999
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Vegan farts are the worst
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I can bet 1000 you are not 100% vegan because i guarantee you have used something on this list in the past week http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2009/10/02/article-1217794-06ADC5D7000005DC-565_964x679.jpg Vegan is bull**** my friend.
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god gave adam dominance over all animals and plants and told him everything is for his use. Genesis 1:26. were not animals god made adam in his likeness. its ok if you want to be healthy but vegan is practically impossible.
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