Ideas for the style of GTA Multiplayer.

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So I've been thinking, since the online experince of gta IV isn't really the best out there, how about you guys put some ideas here so we discuss them.

There should be some sort of online MMORPG style for one of the online options. like get several serveres and divide the game into castles-gang control areas- and each castle could be controlled by one Gang, and have a weekly 1-2hrs -depending on what server you are on- where you get an open attack-Raid- on your "castles" and you get to spread out defending your areas and attacking others.

ofcourse instead of castles there would be neighborhoods that are gang controlled, and as you level up, your health may increase and you get to use more deadly weapons.. like the level 1player can pickup an RPG but he would get a DMGx0.2 so that it would be useless to him. and a lvl10 would get a DMG0.4 so that it's like you get better with the weapons with time, as opposed to in MMO where you get more advanced swords and stuff.

also as your gang lvls up by maintaining their areas for longer time, they could give armor for players with every weekly Raid and this would give you more chance to win the fight.

this wouldn't be so hard to make development wise, I think since I have never developed a game :p) however is seems quiet straight forward. It would give gamers more gameplay time and to play with the games for more time, also it would generate revenue with tournaments, e.g tournaments would be held weekly and there would be a sponser to there tournies, so this gives R* so revenue to pay for the costs of the serves.

anyways I just had this in mind, and was thinking what ideas do you guys have, also if anyone have some sort of email for R* where we could send out ideas like this, I looked it up on their website but didn't manange to find it.
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It's nice that you're trying to come up with ways to improve the Multiplayer, but almost nobody on this board is going to lift a finger to hear you out.

And I think it might be a little too late for R* to implement all this at this point in time.
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