Respect to people who are being mature and understanding, but this is bull ****

#31deimos91Posted 2/1/2013 9:00:53 AM
SBBrealquick posted...
Sorry it just is, **** this. Trailer in november, not a single word for an entire ****ing year, they act like we're the ones being dicks for asking questions, they give a solid release window, then suddenly decide to tack on 4 months to the very end of said window owfiuwbibf **** this BULL ****. personally im glad people are cancelling preorders, in fact if i didnt actually have a life i would try to organize some kind of a semi-boycott. obviously people are gonna get this game regardless but the way rockstar handled the release of this game is total bull****, and people should show discipline and wait like 3 months after its released to buy it just to **** up rockstars financial plans. ****ing ****S!!!!!!

Would you rather have a bug plagued experience thats need to be fixed by patches or how a game is supposed to be made and work properly like last gen not like 80% of non nintendo this gen