Eight Days Much? Rockstar GTA V still "under construction" as of January 2013

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Eight Days Much? Rockstars GTA V = Same Difference. For Everything Else, There's Mastercard

There was discussion in whether the trailer featured actually in-game footage. Several scenes from the trailer included a full HUD, suggesting that the footage was of real-time gameplay.

Patrick Klepek from 1UP.com referred to the footage as having "almost too much polish" compared to other games that were shown.

Alex Navarro from GameSpot also questioned the footage-"Certain sequences included a full HUD, but even then, is it too good to be true?".

Mike Jackson from CVG UK considered the footage to be "blatantly pretend in-game CGI".
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Be on the look out for crop dusters.
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Do you write your topics in stream-of-consciousness? That has to be a gamefaqs first. Bravo!
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He almost always posts in non sequiturs. It's really annoying.
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What are you trying to say exactly..?
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lil55dude posted...
What are you trying to say exactly..?

He's saying he wants you to put him on your ignore list. I'd listen to him, too, if I was you.