Thank you, Rockstar.

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Perfect Light posted...
Ilikemyname420 posted...

If I were in charge at Rockstar I would have given the release date for April 1st and then change it to September 17th at exactly 11:59pm on March 31st.

And this is why you're not in charge at Rockstar.

My way has more impact dammit! :D
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Yeah, I'd be disappointed if the game was delayed, now that we have an official date. But I wouldn't be upset, or feel slighted or wronged by R*, like so many people are. It is what it is. And others here have stated, I'd rather have a fully tested and finished game (or as close as is humanly possible), instead of a buggy and incomplete mess.
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Yea, I don't think we'll get another delay, as it seems like they have really pushed it back to give themselves plenty of time. Much like they did with GTA4.