To everyone disappointed with the delay...

#11NavexPosted 2/1/2013 6:01:31 PM
They're not going to make this a next-gen console release. As others have said that would be an utterly stupid move on their part since most will not have the new system(s) immediately.

Unrelated note but since some were talking about it...I plan to get the new Xbox at some point but it won't be until the system has been out long enough for some decent games to be on it. I have NEVER bought a new system at launch yet simply because there is either never any good games out for it the first few months of release or there just isn't enough good ones at the time.

I am a current 360/PS3/Wii owner but see no point in the PS4 as Microsoft has pretty much taken all of Sony's exclusivity rights away and everything is already tied to my Xbox anyway...saves, achievements, all friends use Live, etc. Hell, the only thing I use my PS3 for is Blu-Ray and DVD viewing...there hasn't been any games out for it I can't get for 360 and the exclusives they have left don't interest me. I'm on the fence of the Wii U just because it's still young and waiting to see what Nintendo has left in store for us regarding it.
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