When do you think GTA will get a female lead?

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Around the same time that they make a female James Bond. I remember there was talk of spinning of Halle Berry's character from that one James Bond movie into a series of spy movies, but it would never have worked. We're just not at a place in society where we can accept a female character having sex with a different man every movie. A female lead in Grand Theft Auto would have the same problem. Sure, Niko Belic can have 5 different girlfriends and have sex with them all(except that ice queen Kate), but put a female character there and allow the player to have sex with a bunch of different boyfriends? I'd like it, but some people are just too close minded.

I agree with you.

Guy who sleeps around with women = Greatest man to have ever lived.

Women who sleeps around with men = A complete slut.

Confucius say: " a key that opens many locks = master key. However a lock that is opened by many keys = crappy lock"
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Why are you trying to open locks with your penis?
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man who go to bed with itchy butt wake up with smelly finger
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