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MinunSS posted...
I don't think a manual in GTA would be practical. Personally I'd enjoy it, but too many players would hop in a car and not know how to drive it, just like real car thieves.

In dedicated racing games though, manual all the way.

Maybe a 'Hardcore' mode, without an achievement, can be put in.

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IRL and in Racing Games, manual all the way. I've driven my Mother's Land Rover, which is an Automatic, and it's just boring. Much prefer having to shift and having something to do.

However, in something like GTA, where I'll be dodging cops and trying to shoot, I don't wanna have to worry about stalling my car because I forgot to clutch or busting my engine because I've been redlining!
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gen0c1de420 posted...
Manual manual manual.....nuff said. forza has an amazing setting with its manual with clutch setting, closest to real life IMO.

Depends on the car, a fair chunk of the high end cars in Forza use a Semi-auto transmission in the real world and there wouldn't normally be a clutch.