What made GTA4 just not as playable as the others?

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3 years ago#21
zack12369 posted...
I like gta4 alot, but IMO... It just lacked stuff to do. Seems to me they spent more time on the graphics than adding fun stuff to do.

Today was the first time I noticed there is a miniature golf course in the game. Too bad they didn't make it playable.
3 years ago#22
PepeSilvia906 posted...


I pooped a little this time.



As per the topic, while I liked it, I feel the lack of customization and diversions, as well as the gray scale color scheme.

The next one should be epic in sunny California... uh San Andreas.

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3 years ago#23
its for people over 18
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3 years ago#24
the only unplayable one was san andreas
3 years ago#25
I definitely noticed I didn't enjoy it as much. IV felt more limiting. There was less you could actually do.

There are only three or four safehouses throughout the entire game. So it's not easy to explore the city or save vehicles. Bad bad bad design choice. I can't believe that was overlooked.

That and the absolutely useless relationships, and arguably, the internet and television. Don't get me wrong, I like the parody element of GTA, but they added very little.

Too many gimmicks, not enough explorable buildings, safehouses, or even weapons.
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3 years ago#26
I liked IV as much as San Andreas, Vice City and III. What da **** is wrong with me? Something must be wrong.
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3 years ago#27
Rockstar turned a fun game into a serious, fun game. I loved GTAIV but there wasn't much to do in such a big world. I hope V will have the elements of SA.
3 years ago#28
G-Ziss the mini golf is usable in the second DLC The Ballad of Gay Tony.
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3 years ago#29
Nukapepsi posted...

Too many gimmicks, .

SA= Good

Skit Tells is Really good
3 years ago#30
in all seriousness having multiple people calling you during missions or being forced to date was a big turn off. going on a date then litteraly being called by the same person before you got back home. the lack of choices . closterphobic invironments. terrible music. dull boring forced mini games. cars that drove terrible.
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