Why was it delayed from May until September?

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User Info: Saxon

4 years ago#1
Was it to remove controversial stuff from the gameplay before it becomes a controversy or to create a more robust multi-player online experience?

User Info: nativengine

4 years ago#2
To polish the game and make it up to Rockstars standard. That and because you touch yourself at night.
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User Info: DMan304

4 years ago#3
To make sure it's the best it can be instead of rushing out an unfinished game.

User Info: puffinslaughter

4 years ago#4
To add in dinosaurs and rideable giraffes.
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User Info: LordPoncho

4 years ago#5
To release on next gen consoles and lie to our faces.

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User Info: CruorComa

4 years ago#6
Obligatory "Saxon = Joke Account".
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User Info: deathblade32

4 years ago#7
Duh haven't you heard? R* removing all the guns from this game. That's why they need 4 more months. To remove content.

User Info: Saxon

4 years ago#8
Were you guys joking or being serious when it was said a while back that Rockstar was removing violence against women from the game? Also, they're removing that run-a-way dog on the highway causing major accidents that was in one of the promotional videos.

User Info: DarkLordMorsul

4 years ago#9
No no no.

They're removing guns, BUT they're ADDING Killable children.

Also they've Added Tim Curry as a narrator:


Actually that'd be pretty cool...
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User Info: Bardockpwnsjoo

4 years ago#10
I hurd dey hurd u liek mudkipz. So dey puttin' Mudkipz in yer GTA so you can mudkip while you GTA while you mudkip.
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  3. Why was it delayed from May until September?

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