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2 years ago#1
Hi , Would you like this mode in the game so it gives gamers a choice if they want to listen to the swearing or not. I would love to show off the game to my dad when I get it but can't cause he hates bad language so I always play GTA on my own.
2 years ago#2
There is no way to show your dad this game without any violence in it. So you would rather him see people get shot in the head instead of a little foul language. My advice: dont get this game then. I however am looking forward to getting this game
2 years ago#3
Not really its Grand Theft Auto. Unless you want the scripts to sound pretty cheesey like Trevor saying. " What the cow are you doing you darn fool." Instead of " What the f*** are you doing you damn dumb ***!"
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2 years ago#4
Amazing how people can be offended by the sounds we make rather than actions we take.
2 years ago#5
I know the game is an 18 but a mode like this could be done.
2 years ago#6
My dad is enjoying playing Lego city undercover at the moment.
2 years ago#7
You sound trolly my friend.
Starting a GTA V story series join in if you want.
2 years ago#8
Your dad needs to stop being so sensitive about foul language. If you can handle the carnage that comes with a GTA game you should also handle the language that comes with it too.
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(message deleted)
2 years ago#10
listen you can play on the game has normal, I just want the swearing blanked out on the mode that's all.
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  3. Anti-Swearing mode

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