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User Info: AzaneAzer

3 years ago#21
masachip posted...
I don't know how many of you played the original gta and gta II when they were released, but at that time, they were one of a kind. Definitely one of my favorites. Not to mention it kicked off my favorite game franchise. It might not be a 9/10 by today's standards, but I'm ranking it as such for what it was when it released and what it has done for gaming.

I played them when they were new, and they were different, but they weren't revolutionary.

User Info: BetelJoose

3 years ago#22
skids71 posted...
Druff posted...
Dr_Throatpunch posted...
I don't know why so many people hated IV.

I chalk it up to very, very bad taste.

Totally correct, IV left a very bad taste in my mouth

Are you sure it wasn't the skids? I hear coprophilia is quite dangerous.

User Info: skids71

3 years ago#23
Not the skids, just good old fashioned disappointment. V should make it all go away though
~I'm out like a boner in sweatpants
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