I'm getting a hands on next Wednesday with the game.

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3 years ago#1
If there is anything you would like to know game wise post it here and I will return Thursday with info.
GT: Redjacket200
3 years ago#2
Oh you
GT - Burrito Diablo
3 years ago#3
I >_< logistics
3 years ago#4
<3 Clauncher
3 years ago#5
ill be the one to get the game first, along with all my other mateys on 'tis ship... aarrrrgh

just google xkey and youll know why. the internet is faster than gamestop... aarrrrgh
3 years ago#6
Prove it.
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3 years ago#7
What do you want to know? I won't be getting the game early at all I said it was a hands on. My Mom is the DM for Gamestop in NW Iowa. Her and a few Managers from different stores are going to a meet and great. Each DM and Manager can bring one person so I'm going.

I was told I'm not allowed a cell phone or camera in the actual room where the game will be. I guess they are going to show us a little of it first then we get to mess around for a half hour with the game. It's not a half hour each person, but between all of us so.

I'm going to mainly check out the wanted system, AI, vehicle handling and damage. I will try to look for stuff for anybody here to so let me know.
GT: Redjacket200
3 years ago#8
I'll bite.

1. Sprinting: still tapping the button, or just hold the button to sprint?

2. Radio stations!

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY: How "alive" does the world feel? Random pedestrian dialogue and actions, police/fire/EMS activity, that sort of stuff.

Although I imagine you're likely to just geek out if you're a big GTA fan. Lol. I know that I would.
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3 years ago#9
- How is the melee combat?

- How big/detailed is the map?

- How is the vehicle damage?
Take the idiot test; read line below for instructions.
Take the idiot test; read line above for instructions.
3 years ago#10
-Find out what system it's gonna be running on and how smooth the character switching is.

-How is police AI and how the new hiding from them works.

-Is the shooting going to be like MP3 or RDR?
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  3. I'm getting a hands on next Wednesday with the game.

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