ITT: Post your most wanted easter eggs.

#1GrandTh3ftAutoPosted 7/1/2013 11:44:38 AM
I'd love to see some sort of a Breaking Bad reference especially with Trevor being a meth dealer/cook. In the second trailer he is talking to someone who has an RV that resembles the one from Breaking Bad while saying "The guns and crank in this area go through Trevor Phillips enterprises" hopefully there is something to it there. Even something as subtle as mentioning to Micheal or someone that there is this new blue meth that's cutting in on his business. Perhaps a mission where you have to run down a Cluckin' Bell truck and rob the meth that's hidden in the fry batter inside? Post your most wanted easter eggs.
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#2mentallyfunny00Posted 7/1/2013 12:12:21 PM
Some homeless man mumbling about how grove street is there but only he can see it then his head explodes and big foot falcon punches you into a car.
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#3BardockpwnsjooPosted 7/1/2013 12:20:42 PM
A rock in the desert that's shaped like a giant ****! Oh, wait....
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#4Mentalpatient87Posted 7/1/2013 1:48:54 PM
A TV show called "The Outlaw Bullwhip Bonnie" starring a blonde rancher's daughter gone bad.
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#5afrodude77Posted 7/1/2013 2:42:13 PM
A grave yard with John Marston and Jack Marston`s tombstones
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#6DMan304Posted 7/1/2013 3:17:09 PM
#7JohnRyan1228Posted 7/1/2013 3:21:12 PM
A man in the park giving flowers to his wife. Once you get close enough you realize, she's a skeleton.
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#8_Pingu_Posted 7/1/2013 3:23:24 PM
Nothing that anyone would be able to predict and no suckling fanservice.
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#9uNc0nTr011aB13Posted 7/1/2013 3:39:24 PM
Marston brand cigarettes

Oh and inb4CJ's house
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#10JohnRyan1228Posted 7/1/2013 4:29:28 PM
CJs ho... dammit
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