What platform are you buying GTA V on?

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Crazy how close the votes are o.o Just goes to show how much the Ps3 has caught up the last few years.
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It is dead at the PS3 board because they only care about games like Rain or Flower. Sony is embracing crappy indie games and teaching their fans to hate main stream releases. They only like big titles "ironically"....like the video gamer version of hipsters.


It's dead because gamefaqs is a pro Microsoft site when it comes to Ps3-360. And pretty much always has been, even Skyrim's 360 boards were far more active than Ps3 (or PC for that matter).

Or because 360 is drastically outselling PS3 in english speaking countries (PS3:27 million 360: 44 million in North America). And Skyrim sold twice as much on 360 and released a couple months earlier and runs better on 360.

Both versions of Skyrim came out on the same day- 11/11/2011. The PS3 version had issues at laumch but that was fixed a,long time ago.

go play it on ps3 youll see its slightly improved but not even close to fixed

why would anyone play a Bethesda game on a console?
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360, the colors always look weird on the ps3 and the system feels so dated (its probably the horrendous dashboard)

Why are people getting it on the ps3 AND the 360? That doesn't make much sense!

The horrendous dashboard? The 360 puts advertisements all over its dashboard. That's the reason I started buying more games for ps3 than 360. Its disrespectful.
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