SPOILERS info on Chop and other things

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SPOILERS......So I just watched a *ahem* video of gta 5 and saw some of the mechanics with Chop. If you don't want to know get out now. During the mission with Franklin you can switch to the dog! Maybe its old news but its new to me. His vision has a sort of fish eye effect with a vapor effect that appeared to be a scent. He can jump and attack and apparently there is a downloadable app for the ifruit that you can use to train him up.

Speaking of training....there were bench presses ala san andreas but the best way to build strength was to enter firefights. Shooting and killing build up that skill.

The fighting appears to be more in depth than previously shown with the characters using multiple kicks and punches from jabs to uppercuts so it isn't just the same punch over and over.

There was a horse track and there were donkeys but I didn't see any horses.

The bulldozer is awesome and nearly invincible. You can pick up pedestrians and animals in the bucket....it was pretty funny. Not only that but by using the bucket to lift yourself onto cars you can tank over them! Pretty neat.

The BMX was pretty cool and looked like a great way to get around. Faster than walking and goes where the cars can't.

The convertible tops are sweet.

Car customization ia way more SA this time around.

That's all I can think of right now. If you have a question ask or if you're interested just look for the vids on daily motion. I can't link here as its against the TOU.
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Man I f***ing hate you. Just when I thought I could contain my excitement, you had to ruin it :/

I feel like breaking into a gameshop and steal the game from the warehouse
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Lol.....sorry man.....you should do a search of youtube right this second. If you're mad about the spoilers I was pretty clear :)
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atomsteele posted...
Lol.....sorry man.....you should do a search of youtube right this second. If you're mad about the spoilers I was pretty clear :)

No that's not it. i want to believe you, but i saw a dude at muscle beach and he tried to interact with stuff but couldn't. also Donkeys but no Horses? that would be a slap to the face by R*
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I didn't see him try to workout....they just had the equiptment and the beach gym....so sounds like you can't work out. It was either a donkey or a llama. I believe it was a donkey. I know the firefight thing is a fact because I read it on the loading screen. I saw the mission with Chop. He played around with the cops and vehicles a lot and spent a bunch of time flippin cars with the dozer. He went shopping and used the vehicle shop.

Like I said....search youtube.....there's a gameplay no mission stream on and he's doin pretty much the same stuff. Im telling the truth though so you can ask if you don't want to watch.
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So I just watched him take Chop for a walk. You have a baseball you can play fetch with. He threw it on top of an apartment building and somehow Chop recovered it lol. The ball had an ammo counter showing one and after he threw it he didn't have another so I believe the ball can be lost or purchased like ammo. Chop can ride in the car if the front seat is empty and he has a happiness meter (which I hope doesn't require upkeep. I really don't care that my digital dog is sad). When he started the side mission Chop ran home.
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The stream just got smacked. It was only a matter of time I suppose. Off to find a new one and ill report later :)