Do you have to re Park cars in your garage?

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If you upgrade each characters default car you'll never lose it... just sayin...
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I'm surprised people bother to keep cars at all because of this. Fast cars seem pretty easy to come by... not worth the trouble of going to retrieve a particular one somewhere.

upgraded cars

What kind of upgrades? Are they really worth the hassle?

You can improve the engine, armor, and stuff like that making it a good choice for some missions, so very worth the trouble.

Plus, some cars do not come around very much, and are nice to keep.
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Yes. If you don't put it up it gets impounded.

To add to this post, I have received texts from that one girl who was a ?/freak and it was a side mission to tow and impound cars. After I did the first mission with her I started to get texts from her saying my car was impounded and its at a certain location to be picked up.
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EmoBanger69 posted...
If you upgrade each characters default car you'll never lose it... just sayin...

each character's default car seems to spawn at their main safehouse regardless of whether it's been upgraded or not.
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If you lose a car it'll stay where you left it for a bit, then get impounded. If you go to the impound you can get the car back for $250.
From what I can gather if your car is destroyed it's gone for good unless it's a 'special' car from the Collector's Edition/Social Club