I'm in love with a stripper

#1TDC133Posted 9/18/2013 11:09:13 AM
But she only loves my money .I spent 5,000 in the club went home with only one girl.Feel the need to rob a bank and get more love .
#2CaIiber345Posted 9/18/2013 11:10:40 AM
Strip clubs used to bore me after the first visit.

Strip clubs in GTA V give me...incentive to return.
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#3DarkDragon456Posted 9/18/2013 11:11:17 AM
Is it Chastity? I bet it's Chastity.
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#4Purple_CheetahPosted 9/18/2013 11:14:42 AM
I don't need no super car when I already got Infernus to drive.
#5vgplaya89Posted 9/18/2013 11:16:53 AM
I havent been to the strip club yet. f***ed a random prostitute for the health bonus though.
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