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User Info: BigBee2005

3 years ago#191
invictius posted...
Would installing the play disc to usb and install disc to internal hard drive be just as good as play=usb and install=hd?

Possibly but the point here is what is the optimum solution.

The reason it is suggested to install the 'install' disc to the USB and the 'play' disc to the HDD is that the 'play' disc is accessed far more during gameplay than the 'install' disc is and the HDD reads faster than the USB drive.
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User Info: divot1338

3 years ago#192
starbuck_arse posted...
MrDummy posted...
starbuck_arse posted...
Does any body know why the rear USB on the old Xbox (Jasper model) reads faster than the front.
Using a 16gb sandisc cruzer blade, fails MS test in front USB but passes when plugged in the back.

No but that was a question I had from awhile ago, that never was answered...I will look into it as I use the front since my X42s need that port in back, so I need to use the front slot.


It seems that the 2 front USB ports share a hub whilst the rear has its own, hence if you have a Kinect it comes with a USB extension so you can plug the wireless network adapter in the front and use the rear for the Kinect.
It tells you in the manual lol I never even read the manual........ I'm a bloke I have no need for them

Most of the time (in pcs anyway) the front ports are connected via a secondary US. controller that's different from the onboard primary. In some cases (more frequently with older hardware) the secondary might have a slower bus speed but it should be otherwise the same. The front ports typically aren't intended for long term storage though.

I've got an older version "fattie" xbox and while my drive is recognized in both front and back ports, it starts noticeably faster in the back ports. The rear ports will never be slower than the front so you might as well put it there before you start installing.
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I currently have the discs installed in the "optimum" settings, however I feel that the pop in and framerate is all over the place. Should I start all over again? Would clearing caches and stuff work? I have a old fat model that I bought in 2008 that's still kicking strong, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Any help would be appreciated.
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User Info: toyotasupraman

3 years ago#194
Would it be a good option to have the Install disc in 2 USB? I have a 4GB and a 8GB (which after 360 formatting are more like 3.6 and 7.5)

User Info: WorriedFire

3 years ago#195
None of the options worked for me... I give up since I'm also unable to go in GTA Online, I even bought a 32 Gb flash to install and still freezing

User Info: Mr_Shabbs

3 years ago#196
Those with freeze issues, Does your console clock reset everytime you turn your system on or off? If so try setting your clock to the proper time/date, and seeing if it still freezes. I used to have issues with NBA2k freezing and figured out it was autosave and the date of my current file im playing is further ahead in time that what my console was set to (due to the autosave saving at the end of a 3 hour session and than aut save trying to save 45 minutes into my new session). Let me know if that helps, It doesnt hurt to try and im hoping might fix some issues for you guys.

User Info: ZeroCool000111

3 years ago#197
is it safe to install the game yet? since they (R*) said it would cause problems playing from the hdd.
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User Info: BigTlovesBEER

3 years ago#198
I think it should be noted not all USB drives are created equal. Microsoft suggests using Xbox360 branded USB drives but I think it's because they're USB 2.0 drives. They seem to work significantly faster than regular USB drives. The "install disc one on USB drive and Install disc 2 on HDD" is not a universal fix. I tried it with my USB drives and the graphics were absolutely worse. Most noticeably dark areas with specific lighting (such as the strip club) everything looked fuzzy and hazy instead of crisp.

I found far better performance installing disc 1 on my hdd and not installing disc 2 as rockstar said. I will try it with a USB 2.0 stick i ordered from Amazon for $11. I refuse to spend $30 on a xbox branded memory stick for GTA alone.

User Info: Mikeheathen

3 years ago#199
I bought a 16GB Sony (ironic) Micro Vault and installed the play disc there. The install disc was on my HD. I went from having tons of pop-in issues and long load times to zero pop-in issues and extremely short load times.
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User Info: BottledWater05

3 years ago#200
If you're going the play disc to HDD / install to USB route, which so far I've found to be the best, you might want to format your HDD first and install the play disk before anything else. I've read that with HDDs stuff is installed and read first from the inner most part of the rim to the outer.

I'm also sure that GTA streams more from the install disk while loading assets into ram from the play disk.

I tried installing both disk to two different usb sticks (of the same model) and playing them from the front while controller is plugged in the back but the game actually loads a bit slower and I'm assuming streams textures slower than having play disk installed to HDD / install to USB. I wonder if it's because the game registers it as the same storage device.

I want to try installing the disks on two different model USBs, plugging one in the back and one in the front and see if that makes a difference. Another variable is to have the HDD unplugged to see if having whatever Xbox software it stores on HDD or whatever caching GTA does to HDD will be faster off a USB or HDD.
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