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User Info: fateprice1993

3 years ago#1
Has anyone figured out a way to sneak into the military base to steal the jet WITHOUT putting the place on high alert?

User Info: HF92

3 years ago#2
Apparrently an easy way to enter and escape the millitary base is to hop the gate at the front, earning a 4 star wanted level, wait for the police to trail you. Then head on into the base, the tanks and soldiers wont spawn. (Well the tanks im sure wont spawn ) Its not sneaking, but an easily destroyed police chopper is preferable to a 120 mm shell to the face ;D

User Info: GravyButt

3 years ago#3
Too bad there wasnt a military uniform you could buy. Anyone try going in unwanted with a police car or fire truck? Just a thought but maybe it works?

User Info: F_Wolf

3 years ago#4
I did it this way, took a jeep, drove through the front entrance, turned into a hangar, got in a jet, left.

I'm not sure if the jets are glitched, but you can pull up as soon as you fire your engines and just fly off.

User Info: jab1967

3 years ago#5
Tried driving onto the tarmac at SAIA in a jacked police cruiser and it STILL rang up a 3-star wanted level...WTH!!
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