What stocks to invest in before/after assassination missions?

#1The Dark AdonisPosted 9/25/2013 8:17:23 AM
I haven't found a topic yet that just has all the information compiled, unfortunately I live in a house where everyone talks louder than the damn TV and asking them to step outside for their 3 hour talk session results in a war.
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get a set of turtle beaches bro!

1-The Hotel Assassination: Buy BetaPharma (Bet on the Bawsaq) before the mission
2-The Multi Target Assassination: Buy Debonaire (DEB on LCN) before the mission ( some maxed at 300%)
3-The Bus Assassination:: Sell Vapid (VAP on the Bawsaq) before the mission but buy Vapid after the mission (i got a ~25% return) (someone maxed at 100%)
4-The Vice Assassination: Buy Fruit (before the mission FRT on Bawsaq I got ~145% return)
5- The Construction Assassination: buy GoldCoast (GCD on LCN) before the mission (max I got was around ~82%) (so far seem to be maxed around 80%)
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This article has a list of stocks to invest in before the missions.

Also some other helpful tips on how to make money
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