the Cargobob

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3 years ago#1
can you pick stuff up with it or not? I tried hitting right on the d pad and nothing. am I missing something here or did I spend $3 million on a crappy helicopter?
3 years ago#2
i would also like to know the answer

thats the 3 million dollar question here
3 years ago#3
anyone know?
3 years ago#4
ive heard it will only pick up a submarine.
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3 years ago#5
It definitely works. I picked up some few things with it (sub, motorcycle, a truck and a bunch) so it should work. It's hard to pick something up though.
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3 years ago#6
nice. i could probably have some fun online with it if it was easy to get in, pick up an unsuspecting target and get out.

i wonder if you could use it to lift a tank?? that would be hilarious online flying around in a helicopter carrying around your buddy in a tank.

or if theres a way to spawn or find multiple cargobobs somehow...and hook them all together starting an epic cargobob chain with as many as you can stack and get into the air. i would lol so hard. maybe hook up a tank on the bottom of the chain.
3 years ago#7
do you have to hit any buttons?
3 years ago#8
Press rght on the dpad to lower the hook if it's not there.
then very delicately slip the hook around the top until you find the dead center of the vehicle.
right on dpad releases it. I've lifted things like semi's without trailers so it should work on most road vehicles, just gotta find the sweet spot.

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