Which GTA 5 car is your real life car?

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User Info: ElderMisanthropy

3 years ago#11
Prairie by Bollokan
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User Info: GamingFoolDan

3 years ago#12
Madd_Mongul posted...
Which GTA 5 car is the car you own in real life or most resemble your car in real life?

Mine's the Karin Asterope- Toyata Corolla

Oh. I already like you. Same for car as me xD
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User Info: DMan304

3 years ago#13

The back half of the bison that looks like an F-150.
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User Info: nativengine

3 years ago#14
F350 so a sandking but not that big of a lift kit. Also have an Skyline but not the new GTR one they have in 5 or the old one they had in SA.
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User Info: cptOwonderful

3 years ago#15
I wish mine was in it and I'm surprised it's not considering its popularity over the past 24 years - the Mazda Miata - Give me any grief you want I love it and would take my 14 year old one over any brand new fwd econobox.

User Info: Nyangasm

3 years ago#16
Some of the vehicle descriptions are so humorously wrong. The Zion is a 6 Series, not a 3. That's not even the worst offender either.

Regardless, my car doesn't have a GTA analog. for shame
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User Info: Jacquard

3 years ago#17
No car in V looks like something I drive. Used to drive, at different times, something like the Emperor and the Futo.

User Info: PvtPorkSord

3 years ago#18

I have a 2005 Silverado with a 7 inch lift and 35's

I had a charger R/T when 4 came out so I drove the buffalo around in that game.

User Info: GeneralCortez

3 years ago#19
Not availble :( No Honda CRVs

Dinka Blista would be nice though

Or the Karin Dillitante

I kinda want a Canis Bodhi now though
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User Info: dk2101

3 years ago#20
I also have a corolla in real life
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