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3 years ago#1
The guide says that you can raid this every week or so but im going on four weeks now and it still has not respawned....I have beaten the game is respawn only available before game ends ......help plz
3 years ago#2
Yeah, I don't know about that. I did notice that when I went into the drug farm for a collectible well after I completed the story, it hadn't respawned for me either. So either it doesn't actually respawn that often or like you said it stops after the story ends. I'll have to check on that on my next playthrough.

Not that it really matters though. The first and only time I raided it they only had like 15K, which wasn't even worth my time. Even at 100K it wouldn't make any difference, particularly in the postgame.
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3 years ago#3
i beat all missions and it works for me once per week, u also have to be trevor.
3 years ago#4
im using trevor do I have to do something for it to reset because I have slept like four weeks now....do I have to go on a ceratin day?
3 years ago#5
ok I have waited like four weeks and this week I have go back once a day every day this week...wtf....someone throw me a bone
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